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19 Sep Cippenham 4-star Fusion Report

Over the weekend the Fusion youngsters were out in force at the Cippenham 4-star in Slough, the first 4-star tournament of the new 2017/18 season.

The players who were in action over the weekend included:

Lois Perryman, Ben Hee, Stephen Domingo, Joseph Hee, Scarlett O’Neil, Joshua Bruce, Robert Pelc, Darius Xavier, Tiana Dennison, James Smith, Alexander Ahl, Robert Domingo, Emeka Ohanekwo

Without exception all the players were a credit to Fusion TTC, in their effort and desire. Not all were successful but what they didn’t have in success they made up with determination and energy.

Day 1 / Cadet competition
Robert Domingo and Joshua Bruce both progressed through to the first round (coming second place in their group). They were accompanied by Benjamin Hee who won his group qualification. Ben went to reach the semifinals while the others went out in the early rounds.

Benjamin played the semifinals against Louis Price, from Avon. This match was an epic struggle of skill, determination and will. Benjamin looked like he would take out the number one seed after winning the first game, however after being 2-1 down Louis Price rallied to take the next two games and the match.

Day 2 / Junior Competition

The Fusion contingent showed how they can work as a team supporting each other during the matches and off the table too. Joseph Hee and James Smith who were seeded number 1 and 2 respectively progressed through their groups as winners, as did Tiana Dennison, Robert Pelc and Alexander Ahl.

Through the day the players performed with purpose, grit and strength of mind. Along the table tennis journey there will be successes and disappointments. However, Joseph Hee was not going to be denied, he went on to be crowned Cippenham 4 star champion by beating Ethan Walsh 3-1 in the finals.

The final might even have been an all-Fusion affair, if James Smith had followed up on his 2-0 advantage against Ethan in the semifinals. Playing arguably the best shot of the day, James pulled back in the fifth set but in the end he lost out closely.












Tiana Dennison played with strength and willpower. With good control she beat Gemma Kerr in the quarter finals and then beat the New Kid On The Block from Portugal – Raquel Sao Pedro, who dispatched the number two seed (Kate Cheer) in the previous round.

Tiana showed her tenacity in winning the semifinals 12-10 in the 5th game.

In the final Charlotte Bardsley dominated Tiana and went on to win 3-0. The girl from Fusion showed that she had the ability to compete with these players at the highest level.

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