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Fusion Strong in Thrilling Conclusion to National Cadet League

17 Apr Fusion Strong in Thrilling Conclusion to National Cadet League

The final week (11/3/18) of National Cadet League at Nightingale Academy saw another exciting day of high-quality table tennis. Fusion 1st Division team, Fusion 2 and Fusion 5 all had chances to win a medal.

Fusion 1’s Joshua Bruce, Robert and Larry Trumpauskas had only 1 match to play for the title against Warren Springs who were just 1 point behind them on the league table. A very tough team to play against – the previous time Fusion had just snatched the victory at  5-4.

Joshua Bruce won all his matches very convincingly, only dropping 1 set on his way through. Robert had an excellent match against a very strong and spinny player.
Larry didn’t fair so well, unable to take a win, despite coming so close only to lose it in the 5th.

Disappointment in the end though as the boys lost 5-4, leaving both teams finished on level points, meaning Fusion 1 second on game-difference.

Fusion 2 again only had 1 match to play but they were 2 points behind Nightingale in the table and needed to win by a big margin.

Freddie started things promisingly. winning all of his matches with a great display of tenacity and spirit. Anton won 2 matches, devastating his opponent with some very powerful forehands. Kevin lost his matches but again had a close game which went to the 5th

The end result was 5-4 to Fusion which meant they came runners-up in the 2nd division.

The 3rd and 4th also did Fusion proud but it wasn’t to be their year Some notable performances and lots of players overcoming players they had previously lost to and some strong overall wins. Special mention to Yiannis who won 8/9 matches and Ryan who won 7/9 matches.

All in all, another strong weekend for Fusion but this year the results didn’t go our way. Neverthless, the future is certainly bright for these young players.

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