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Solid Start in Senior British League

28 Sep Solid Start in Senior British League

Senior British League, September 15-16th

The Fusion 2nd, 3rd and 4th team were scattered around the country to compete in the first weekend of the Senior British League.

Fusion’s Dale, Robert Pelc, Srinivas S, David Busari and Michael Spiteri were all in action in Nottingham. The weekend proved to be a successful one, with the team winning all matches in their group except one. Fusion’s number one Robert Pelc had an exceptional weekend, winning all of his matches.

Fusion 2 was very competitive in their fight for the top place in division A2. The team of Jamal Dennison, Clive Carthy, Josh Dye, Sherwin Romata and Ben Hee fought hard to repel all challengers and were well rewarded for their efforts. They won 3 out of 4 matches against tough competition and now sit in first place with a handful of other teams.

Our 4th team made a journey to BATTS in Harlow and demonstrated why hard work always pays off in the end. Winning 3 out of 4 matches they are poised to dominate the division. Good performances by Swetha Khathri, Elena Tordica, Stephen Domingo and Darius Xavier were in evidence on the day, but special reference must go to Tiana Dennison and Joshua Bruce who won 75% and 100% of their matches respectively.

In all these divisions, Fusion’s teams are well positioned at this early stage to make an assault on the title.

Fusion 3 start. L-R: R. Pelc, M. Spiteri, S. Srinivas, Dale

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