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Fitting Tribute for Nevill Hill

09 Oct Fitting Tribute for Nevill Hill

Nevill Hill Memorial Tournament, Friday 28th September

The hall was packed with over 60 participants for the Nevill Hill Memorial Tournament, to celebrate the passing of the man who had been the beating heart of Fusion’s community.
In a tournament featuring Fusion’s star players and cash prizes, the favourite was Radoslav Kamberov and he secured victory over James Smith in the final. James had triumphed over Kazeem Adeleke coming down from 2 sets to take the semi-final match in impressive style; Lorestas Trumpauskas was the other man defeated. Other notable matches include, Mark Smith from Holland who was beaten by an in-form Kevin Kan and Tom Cutler who was unlucky to be beaten by Lorestas in 5 sets.

The Doubles was won by Ben Hee and Des Joseph against father son duo Lorestas and Larry Trumpauskas. But it wasn’t all serious and all manner of interesting styles were on display in the Parent Novices tournament, won by Mikael Ejim. But it was Lindsey Smith, James’ mother, who met with the same fate as her son in the runner up position.

The winner of the main singles event received £175, runners-up £50 and third-place £20 each. Topspin donated prizes for the other events.

Radoslav Kamberov holds his winnings aloft


In honour of Neville, his favoured string beat vests were given away on the night.

Junior members looking good


Many of Neville’s friends and family attended, including his son Dean, who unveiled a plaque in memory of his father. At the unveiling, Martin, one of Neville’s close friends, spoke about his big place in the Fusion family, his love for table tennis and his commitment to the next generation, always encouraging them to work hard and remain disciplined.

Family members enjoying the fun


All in all, the evening was much more than just a table tennis tournament: it was a fitting tribute to his memory, which embodied all the values that Neville had inspired in Fusion and our community.

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